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my student film on gender and sexuality
"Hey guys! Though you might want to check out my student documentary Everyone in the Street which examines how people identify the term "queer" and other gay issues. It's in HD if you care Confusedmile:"
~Nick Dee

He would love your comments and feedback! Tell me whatcha think!

So sorry guys! I let my friend Nick post his video on this thread using my account but i didn't make it very clear that it wasn't mine. Enjoy on his behalf!
Thank you for that I thought it was fascinating. I was particularly struck by the theme of the meaning of words, do we choose their meaning or is their meaning determined by society? One male interviewee admitted to being sexually attracted to men but disliked his room-mate referring to him as gay. What would he prefer him to refer to him as?

I also noted the idea of social constructs, I totally agree that gender is a social construct. However I have difficulty thinking of an aspect of human life that is not a social construct, or indeed how a society could possibly function without social constructs.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

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