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my two best friends seem to like each other and i feel weird
Hey there,
I'm a gay guy and I have a straight friend who's also a guy and another one who's a girl. Anyways, the two of them have recently seemed to be getting a lot closer, and talk a lot without me around and it gets kinda awkward even when I approach them, and whenever she's talking its generally towards him when I'm around too.

For years she's been saying how good looking she thinks my my other friend is and that he's her "type" and a bunch of other stuff along those lines. Then last week when we were both drunk, my friend said that he pretty much loved her and that he felt bad cause he felt it would interfere with our friendship as well. I was honestly heartbroken, and I didn't feel like I could be around either of them ever again. What is more awkward is that we all also live together as well.

I don't know what to do. I understand that its not really my business, but I can't help but feel shitty about the whole thing. It kinda makes me feel left out and stuff. She definitely just respects him more as not only a "friend" or whatever, but also a person too.

I feel like maybe their doing "stuff" with each other when I'm not around. It just all makes sense considering what they've said, and the thought of it makes me feel down now. Even if their not doing stuff together, I mean the whole reason that either of them is friends with each other is due to some attraction outside of actual friendship. And it really shows.

When he told me about it he also said he loved me and our friendship and how important I am to him, and how he has no one else but me essentially and it would really hurt him if I stopped being friends with him. He also said that he would never be able to get over it if that's what I did. It's nice to hear him say that but at the same time I don't want to feel like this anymore.

What do I do? I'm really confused here
Haven't I answered this already?

You have to get back out their , make new friends.
The last thing you want to be is a third wheel.

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