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need help
Well first off im gay and I kave kept it hid for years.

Now im 19 and people are asking questions.

What do I do?

Im extremely scared.
If you're not ready to come out, Just ignore the question. or reverse it. 'Are you for gay rights? You seem to be asking so much about it.' It will stop them (:
First decide if you are going to come out, or stay in the closet then, based on that decide how to answer the questions.

Coming out is never easy, but it isn't nearly as daunting as what it was when I (and others) came out 20 or so years ago either.
You will know the right time to come out. There is no set age or time.................. Don't feel pressured to if you are not ready............

Good luck and take care.......
If i were you,i would say I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT!!
If you're in a hostile community or environment, I wouldn't come out, unless it suits you're comfort level, and you have a plan b for when you're parents find out(assuming you still live with them).

If you're too frightened to do it now, then it can wait, but if it's beginning to dampen your daily routine, maybe consider coming out so you won't be burdened with the fear of others finding out.

If you live alone, and can provide for yourself, honey, it's time for you to come out!

Life's too short, and your getting too old for playing pretend.

More than likely people won't care, and you'll feel a million tons lighter from all that weight you've been carrying for so long. On top of that they'll support you, and gain respect for you, if anything.

Good luck!
Hello, Build, and Welcome to GaySpeak.

I'd say the good thing is that YOU know you're gay, but honestly it's no one else's business how you sail your boat, unless they are part of the crew, and on the boat with you. Why are people asking? Have they noticed that you have never had a girlfriend? Are they in such a hurry to see you have a relationship? Some people like to stay single, for no other reason than they like to be single. How do you feel about being single? Are there other signs that people might have caught on?

You mention being scared, but what are you scared of, to be precise? Are you scared of people really knowing what you're about? If so, why? Do you live in a homophobic environment? Are you just uncomfortable with the idea of finally admitting you are more interested in boys? If you think that it would help to come out to someone, make sure you tell someone that you trust to keep it a secret, a best female friend, your mum, your brother or sister... Once you've told one person, it generally becomes easier to admit it to others.

I've found telling people I've recently met for the first time easier than telling people who've known me for a long time. These new acquaintances have no sexual expectations of a new friend.

In any case, good luck finding the way to tell people. You'll find that it is easier to be you than to pretend being someone else, in the long run.
Take care,

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