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need to get back at my friend! help?
well there is this guy i have a bromance with and he is straight (well he's young so could change) and we like do the usual guy stuff and take the piss out of each other most of the time. dont get me wrong we can have serious convos as well
but when we make fun of each other his always results in gay jokes which i dont mind at all and find them quite funny to be honest and it just proves that he is okay with my sexuality which i always wonder about people
but i always make fun off him and like after a couple of days he is like make some straight jokes cause he sometimes feels bad about making gay jokes all the time even though he knows i'm fine with them
and i cannot think of straight jokes for the life of me! so was wondering if yous would have any for me?
thanks for reading and thanks for the reply Smile
I usually watch for the opening, when my straight friends say or do something that warrants it, then say "Careful there, my gay is rubbing off on you." Most recently one of my straight male friends had gone out and bought a new purse for his wife and one of those Trojan bullet vibrators - the vibe box was sticking out of the purse, which he was carrying across my yard to where his wife was waiting for him. (We were having a cook out is why they were at my house and, she stayed to help me with the food while sending him off for the purse that was on sale and a few other things, he took it upon himself to buy that vibrator.)

Needless to say that made for funny, interesting conversation for a while. LOL

You cold also jokingly call him a breeder, poke fun at his lack of fashion sense, tell him his wrists are too stiff if he has a bit of trouble doing something with his hands, etc...
omg that sounds classic :')
yeh he is kinda bi curious i think so i kinda make fun off him and say a guy can do it better haha and say that i've had girls and boys and guys are much better so he's missing out and stuff like that but i'm getting better at mocking him like that
thanks for the reply made me laugh!!
Tell him heterosexuality's okay, but it's nothing like the real thing. :biggrin:
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.

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