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new introduction
Hey sparky71, and welcome to Gayspeak !!

I hope you'll settle in, and post post post - it's always good to welcome new people to our ranks :biggrin:.



!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Thanks to everyone who replied to my intro. Really appreciate it and made me feel very welcome. Ive got a favour to ask. Does anyone know how to post a new topic ive looked for prompts everywhere and cant seem to see any.
Do you mean a new thread? If so go to the room you want to start one in, say for instance Debates and on the top left of that main forum there's a button that says "New Thread" click on that and it will open up a new thread for you to start posting your topic in........

Hope that helps Sparky

Hi there.

To create a new thread you first go to Forum Lists. Find the category you want to post in - lets say it is Chit Chat... at the top left you will see New Thread button... it is across from the page boxes on the right...

Hope that helps and you find it.

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