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i am not talkative lately i guess
im disturbed about the creep josh powell burning his two boys up in a house-i hate that asshole

i see some gays and they seem like they like what theyre doing and theyre ok with each other

others are in abusive relationships or maybe those are rare compared to heteros

i hate all labels really

being harassed sexually twice i wonder made me be a hermit and this leads to me having a woman and having a kid or having nothing because i dont trust people much

this one gay man at a camp was hugging me in some barehug for a long time -he died of aids years later-he was a huge very tall man -i found it annoying and i was under 18

the bible says he who commits fornication sins against their own body-yet ive done that myself

i guess id advise if you want sex stay with just one guy

how much i want sex i dont even know

i dont get it because i dont care?

if could get back to Seattle maybe theres more there but i hate that place too or do i?

i dread going through another spring and summer alone-im sick of it

and now all the politicians like Gingrich and romney and Obama doing crazy stuff sucks

sick of it all

then again i have this idea i can wait longer -its crazy
who is josh powell in a Seattle population of 3/4 million, insignificant.
pellaz Wrote:who is josh powell in a Seattle population of 3/4 million, insignificant.

shit-i find that post crass

two little kids bashed and cut with an ax and the asshole father burning them?

and the damn state should have known he was a fucking creep and taken the kids away like 2 years ago as well!!

god this country sucks

what an attitude

you think this system is working just fine?!!

goddamn state of Washington!!
a significant population of zombie voters who dont care and dumb judges-am i overreacting?
-sigh, it's a sad world we live in. And only us. humanity, can change that, will it happen? Probably not.

I don't know if I can even fathom how you feel HollandofFrance, given what you've been through, what you've seen etc... but we can hope for a better future for ourselves, or we can make it happen.
well things are better in some ways

1000 years ago my viking ancestors were invading and killing people i guess in France and Holland and places

they almost wiped out Rome i think i read
they sure weren't Irish monks saving civilization i guess writing the book of kells

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