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useless body parts
princealbertofb Wrote:Note that the foreskin (sorry I'm at it again Wink!!) is not listed in this list.... I don't know if I'd say that all ten are useless. Maybe those of us who have them, use them in some way, while the others don't know what they're missing...

Still, it's interesting to know over how many years, centuries, millenia these trends have been evolving.... The phasing out is very very very very very very very very very slow and progressive....

Far from useless. Men who are not circumcised have greater sensitivity than men who are. The foreskin protects our most sensitive areas form repeated contact and abrasion by our clothing (and whatever else might accidentally touch us there). Like any body part, it will get less sensitive with repeated contact of that nature.

I agree that nipples especially do have a purpose, I'd hate to lose that erogenous zone. The sinus cavity too, sure it might look useless if you've never lived in a very cold climate but - brain freeze anyone?

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