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weird question but an answer would be nice.
so i randomly was wondering why women get wet? i mean i know its when theyre turned on but why? it doesnt make children or really do anything for that matter? i just dont get why it happens when it doesnt really have a point.
Its my understanding the wetness primary job is to provide lubrication for sex. If a girl is dry as a bone down there the experience isnt going to be very enjoyable for either partner. So the body steps in and provides natural lubrication to enhance the experience. The wetness more than likely also makes for a cozy environment for the sperm to remain mobile once the male deposits his seed. Sperm have to swim to fertilize the egg and its hard to swim on dry land.
I second what Marvinteck said . . . . That has always been my understanding of why it happens.
the googles is the resource:
The reason for this moistening is to lubricate her vagina.
At the same time, various other things happen:
her clitoris – the most erotically sensitive part of her body – swells up.
her labia (the lips of the opening of her vagina) also swell up. The effect of this is to open up her vaginal opening slightly, in preparation for intercourse.
inside her, her vagina opens up – making room for the possible entry of a penis

also interesting what stimulates a gay straight and or what drives the ladies vs men.
The lubrication women produce is identical to the lubrication our male genitals secrete before orgasm. Both have the purpose to speed a sperm to an egg for fertilization. The sperm actually swims in the juice women secrete. NO LUBRICATION = NO BABY
i always under stood it as sort of pre cum so to speak lol

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