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what will you do for the Thanksgiving Day
ceez Wrote:I will be working Sad I can't wait to get out of retail.

Easy dear,your soul will be free
Goodie Wrote:I'm going home for thanksgiving and my sister asked me to help her with the dinner so I'm going to make all the desserts and probrably doing the nitty griddy stuff of the meal! (measuring, timing, ingredient fetching, reading carefully recepies, setting table, anything she asks me to do)

wow~~~great you are a great brother lol~~~envy you
Happy Thanksgiving, guys. Bighug
StephanieB Wrote:wow~~~great you are a great brother lol~~~envy you

Haha envy me?! how?!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates Smile
eating thanksgiving dinner at my boyfriends house with his family
Thanksgiving with the family, and probably movies.

Nick9 Wrote:Do you see any difference between Christmas and Thanksgiving? Apart from the obvious... I was going to say Christmas was our Thanksgiving, because that what it feels like, but then... you have Christmas too LOL
Do you feel like there is a difference in the mood, in what you are feeling during those two holidays?

It looks to me like this was a question to all of us and no one answered it, so...

The short & sweet answer is that Thanksgiving is an American holiday (and there are no special religious celebrations associated with it that I know of), and by that I mean that it's considered tradition from settlers in the American colonies (and I'm not speaking of Thanksgiving in other countries) while Christmas is a religious holiday (called by different names in different religions, but as Christians are the most common religion it's called Christmas in the USA) and as it's based on the winter solstice it's pretty much a universally celebrated holiday (that is, the day has been marked for the re/birth of the god of which Jesus is but one of many symbols for) as opposed to an American holiday. That is, Americans generally understand that if they go to Russia then Christmas will still be celebrated and will be roughly the same, but not Thanksgiving which is seen as American (though many ignorant Christians think Christmas is uniquely Christian). Of course capitalism in the US has made Christmas much more secular as well.

As for mood, I suppose Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what you have for a single day while Christmas (especially after Capitalism got through with it) is about longing for what you don't have for weeks. And by then the bills, family get together (often with alcohol added in), and cold, dark nights tend to make people more grouchy on Christmas than on Thanksgiving.
biwarlock Wrote:eating thanksgiving dinner at my boyfriends house with his family

wow,romantic time so envy you!!!!!
Where is my boy friend?

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