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wow! Great date!
Sorry just felt I had to post this! So Long story short, I was suppose to go on a date with a guy I am pretty into but I had no money this weekend so I had to cancel, another guy I know wanted to date me, so he said he'd pay for tonight so I said, sure! Which was a GREAT idea because I was getting A LOT of gay bashing comments ALL day from my roommates and tonight they were all mad about who knows what, throwing things, yelling, breaking things, so I was glad to have an escape. I've noticed in the past, pissed off homophobic people are NOT good to be around!

In fact I left two hours early, before I was being picked up to go for a walk just so I wasn't around them!

Anyways, I have NOT been out since early July. Yeah, long time, well I was in the hospital a long while, got a DUI and in jail a few days, court, etc. Just a crazy several months! So it was my first time going out, we went to a few bars, and then dancing at a club and WOW, SO much fun! I loved it! And he is not physically my type, at all, but we get along so well it was great and I was attracted to him from that! So sorry for this wasted post, I'm just excited, I've been stuck around homophobic roommates for months now and all my straight friends and family whole I love, but it was just fun to go somewhere that I was accepted totally! I loved it! No one looked at me weird for singing Britney spears, besides, it was her birthday, she deserves some play time!
good to be happy~Confusedmile:
I love good news , thanks for sharing your happiness.
I bet only the gays know that its Brittany Spears Birthday.


Well good for you, nice to have some good for a change. Wavey
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That awesome - happy news is a not a wasted post. We are happy for you!
I love your post! It's great you gave that guy a chance. Confusedmile: I'm glad you had a great time!
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