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zombie apocalypse: preferd weapons
Ooh zombie apocalypses so fun!
Knives, i have not the strength/endurance to use a sword Sad
A hammer, good for smashing in faces
Claws are fun, and good if my weapons get knocked away
A sniper rifle so i can shoot as many as i can before they discover where i'm hiding.
Guns, obviously.
If I couldn't get my hands on a gun, I'd use whatever is available.

For example, spinning in a circle with a chainsaw may be effective when surrounded.
Fire usually drives away zombies.
Throwing a propane tank into a group of zombies and then shooting it with a sniper rifle from a distance could help.
Axes, machetes, swords, and other similar weapons (no knives though, wouldn't want to get TOO close to the zombies).

If I were to end up in close combat with a zombie, I'd use a high heel or something if I had to. Spike a zombie in the eye with a heel and they'll be down for a bit. Tongue
DeadByDawn Wrote:For example, spinning in a circle with a chainsaw may be effective when surrounded.

[Image: 03f073e1-b58d-47d1-aaf7-e1b9b1b67285.gif]

Jay Wrote:
  • Paintball neck guard - To avoid getting bitten
  • Skateboarding wrist guards - To avoid getting bitten
  • Gaiters - To avoid getting bitten
  • Motorbike body armor - To avoid getting bitten
  • I was thinking of a baseball ball with a lot of big rusty sharp nails on it. Got this idea from Dead Island.
  • Chainsaw
  • Explosives

Just become a storm trooper, I'm sure it'd be hard to bite through there armour.

[Image: StormtrooperFiring.jpg]
oh and this:

[Image: 535441.jpg]

Not a bad read.
If i was in a zombie apolo thingy i cant spell lol id arm myself with car keys a pipe for funnelling and a deodorant can and lighter for flame torch id just run em down till i run low and when safe to do so re stock get the odd thing here and there for fuel and slowly feed my pyromaniaSmile

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