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What should I do about my college tutor???
Perhaps an odd question really or title but I can't think of anything else so.. basically to start off here, I have suspicions that my current head college tutor is deliberately writing up bad reference letters for certain jobs and university choices because they do not match that of her interests - I want to move on and study my passion for photography, she says no and thinks that I should study digital art and design.

This has been backed up lately by certain replies I've had from those said jobs and university courses I've applied for that have asked for a reference from her etc

They have basically responded telling me "no" because they feel that my academic writing skill is poor, and that my attention to detail/attitude may be a problem? which makes no sense to me personally - I've always been punctual, polite, on time I've never had a day off absent etc, my work is of a much higher professional standard than that of other college students always receiving A's and B's - 100% marks etc

They have then continued to say that this was backed up by what my referee had to say about me as a person having known me for a couple of years now, though this is only the case with photography based jobs/courses - the other ones for art/design and such have given me positive replies stating that my referee had nothing but good things to say about me etc

Obviously this makes me wonder as to why, she is clearly writing or has written, two separate reference letters for each situation to try and almost shove me off the photography path completely...

I have options though and can speak to her to take this further with her boss to find out what the situation is as this is also the only reason that the universities have turned me away which I feel is completely unfair, purely because I've ignored her advice and opted to try study photography instead.

Basically.. should I take it further? it could lead to the risk of being expelled, so to speak, from my current course after years of hard graft at it.

Photography is a unique art form not everyone appriciate's, you should include a group of your best pic's with any application. As a dear friend of mine once pointed out. photography is an ongoing learning experiance as you try differant methods to end up with your own style, follow your passion as any other course will not make you happy and you would always question yourself, "did I make these desisions on what I want or what others said I should do", Jim
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]

I have said it before, and I will say it again.

If this is what you ant to do, then grab it with both hands and run, don't let anyone stand in your way, don't let anyone make you lose faith in yourself, just keep going until you get what you want. Wink

Have any student representatives or a Union?

This is maybe not something I should admit to, but when I did my grad school applications I asked for extra letters to an institution I didn't intend to apply to so that I could read the references haha.

I was relieved to see that the recommendations were very positive, but really I wanted to see what they felt my strengths and weaknesses were, I didn't suspect them of saying horrible things about me. But I honestly find it odd that your tutor would write a negative recommendation, if they didn't want to recommend you sincerely they should refuse to write in favour of your application. Very odd and unprofessional behaviour on their part.

MidgetGem, I don't understand the UK educational system very well, so I apologize ahead of time if something I say is stupid. :biggrin:

I see a lot of you guys post about tutors and I do find it confusing. Are tutors-UK what we in the US call advisors? Tutors in the US are paid to help students with academic work, while advisors are professors in our discipline who offer advice with scheduling and usually the ones who would write letters of recommendation. I just want to make sure I understand.

Anyway, I would schedule an appointment to talk to the person writing your letters WITH her supervisor. It's going to fester if you don't. The fact that she highlights "attention to detail/attitude may be a problem" in these letters while not mentioning this in the other letters is kind of a red-flag. You need to have a witness with you when you discuss things to protect your educational interests. I think it's only fair that she explains her reasoning to you in front of her supervisor.

You just have to go into the meeting with an air that you are going to be more professional than she is, take the criticism and build on it. Bring your portfolio of work (not just photography but also your writing) and make your case to her supervisor that refutes her claims. I wouldn't shy away from demanding answers.

Well, that's what I would do. But, I tend to be too direct at times. :redface:
Good luck and keep us posted. I hope things work out.

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