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How Can I Get a Better Wireless Internet Reception?
Does anyone know how I can improve wireless internet reception in my bedroom?

I temporarily moved back to my parents' house due to upcoming surgery. My parents' house is a double storey and they placed the network modem in the living room (Right beside the living room's TV). The modem is used for wireless internet and also cable TV network.

The internet reception is fine in ground floor. Unfortunately the wireless reception is not consistent on the first floor. My bedroom is on the first floor.

I use this tiny USB modem to receive the wireless internet.

[Image: Modem.jpg]

Should I change my modem or something? I've tried repositioning the modem from one place to another. But reception was still not consistent.

I can use any kind of help.

Thanks. Very much appreciated.

Ethernet over power.


I use them at home to extend wireless and ethernet. They are effective and portable.

Okay, thanks Daz. I'll look for it in a nearby computer mall.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

You're more than welcome. When do you go back in to hospital?

Move the wireless modem/router away from the TV as the tv signals/phone signals can interfere with wireless signals

move the box up near the ceiling and or next to a window on the side of the building your room is. its temporary anyways.

most network boxes do hard wire Ethernet routing too. can you run a cable from your computer to the box just temporary. the hard wire is much faster than wifi.
if you can get another wifi box hard wire the output of the existing to the input of the new wifi. Probably they will not interfere because the protocol has the concept of automatic channel selection. Put the new router near your room

every country is different, is there a option for an antenna on the original box?

ask the neighbor, if his is stronger.

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