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PS3? Good, bad, or indifferent?
Anyone have a PS3? Is it worth it, is it "that" different, and more importantly should I spend my hard earned cash getting one?

Answers please!!!!! Cool

Ed x

Well I dont have one personally, but I do know from all the other times Sony along with Microsoft has released a new system... I would wait for a newer version to be released. I dont want to have to deal with bugs and malfunctions with the system and I defenatly dont want to have to deal with hooking the damn thing up to the internet just to download an update for the system every week or so.

I try to keep up on all the information on 360 and PS3 as much as I can and so far I havent heard that many people having problems with the PS3 as much as I have heard about the 360. My best friend has a 360, but she hasnt had an problems with it yet. But I promise you this, if she does have a problem with it... I will be the first to know.

As for the PS3, they are going to be releasing, here shortly, a special edition PS3, I forgot the name of it, that wont be backwards compadible. But it will cost a $100 less than the regular PS3. So if you already have a PS2, then you might want to hold out for this version. I dont know if this is being released all around the world or just the USA... Thats something you will have to google and find out.
The PS3 also have a fun little feature that you can use the PSP as a contoller /remote and control the PS3 with it. I have a PSP but no PS3, so I havent tried it yet.

The 360 on the other hand is going to be releasing a new system soon as well, but this one is going to be all black and it's going to be called the Xbox360 Elite. Like I said before, the entire system is going to be black along with the contoller. It's going to cost $429 and will have a 120 gig Hard Drive in it. The older 360's have a tendency to get really really hot if they run for long periods of times, but with this new one they have inproved it and it wont run so hot. They have made this new one a lot better than the 360 on the shelves now.

Well, This is a little of info I know, if someone knows more than please post...

Hmm, interesting! Thanks Udabar!

One thing straight off is the cost! The cheapest I have found the PS3 for over here is 400 quid (which I think is around $800). If I could get one shipped over from the US and it would work over here surely thats the answer! But the hanging on point is a good one, always worth giving it a few months so they iron out the bugs.

I think the retrospective thing is important too as Ive got about 100 that I'll never be able to use otherwise!

I have a PS3. I bought mine back from a trip to the states at Christmas, and I must say I do prefer it to the PS2 and XBOX 360.

Paid just over $1000 for a 60GB system (which uou can upgrade), 5 games and a spare controller. At the time the conversion rate wasn't too bad for us brits so all in all cost me roughly £550. Best thing I've found is that the games are region free, so even if you decide to buy one you dont have to pay the ridiculous £45+ price tag for UK games, search online instead for a decent importer of US and Japanese games. Failing that, try good old Ebay for some nice bargains. And yes it has a universal power suipply inside thatcan handle 240v and wont make you big black shiny box go boom !

Slight dissapointment is the loss of the rumble feature of the controllers and the fact you cannot use the old PS2 Dual Shock 2 ones. Also Blu-Ray movies are region locked.

Try to steer clear of 3rd party controllers and HDMI leads as they tend to not work 100% as I found out first hand the other week.

Umm..pretty much thats it. Kinda boring you guys already i suspect with my nerdy rambles lol.


Hey hey, liking the idea of importing it from the US. Gonna be a hell of a lot cheaper. Seems the way to go bearing in mind the exchange rate.

Whats the best games guys?

Ed x

Motorstorm if you like racers..failing that wait for Gran Turismo HD in a couple months.

Ultimate Marvel Alliance is a brilliant multiplayer for hack and slash

and if 3rd Person games are your thing then you cant go wrong with Call of Duty 3 or Resistence:Fall of Man


Your doing a good job in convincing me!!! I feel my credit card getting a bit edgey!!Biglaugh

Ed x

Man, now I want one really bad

I would also look on ebay and see about getting one on there. If not then see if a friend in the USA would buy one for you, with your money of course, and send it to you.

But of course I can wait for right now because I want to make sure all the bugs are worked out of all the systems. I will prolly get one next year... by then more games will have come out and I will actually have an option of what I want to play.

You're better off making the trip over yourself and buying it.
Sony have clamped down on importing from the States and Japan.
You will get hammered with £100's in customs and shipping charges once it hits the UK mainland.

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