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Embarrassing Stories
I have far too many that I'd deem embarrassing but well, I aint sharing them! :redface: Those skeletons can stay tied, duct taped and chained in the closet!!

Can't relate to you at all on this one, Dfiant. Embarrassment is the vehicle in which I traverse this life. I got a million of 'em.

A few days ago I went to a little diner to eat and read. The waiter comes over and asks me what I'm reading, and I tell him (some fantasy book). He seems kind of intrigued and says he's reading something about magic. And I, waaaay too excitedly (and I still don't even know what the hell I meant by it), say, "Oh my God, like real magic?"

I can't remember exactly what he said afterward the part of my brain that is able to communicate kind of shut down. But I think he something like, "Um, no. Magic's not real." Then he backed away slowly (I'm sure I'm exaggerating a bit, but that's what it felt like).

I get embarrassed very easily, but I don't mind it so much anymore. Even during that weird conversation, a part of me was thinking, "This is great. I can't wait to tell people about the incredibly stupid thing I just said."

My most embarrising moment was when i went to see a drag show once and they made a gag about traffic wardens and my ex who i was in a new relationship back then decided to tell the pub of 1400 people I was one in dead silence and before i knew it i was dragged on stage and questioned and now looking back on it i get firey and if a drag wants me on stage i go on stage and go with the flow... Its how i got over stage fright lol

Another story I can think that wasn't one of my finest moments was at school when I was 16. My English teacher was a proper bitch and used to pick on me because I was rubbish at English and I wasn't interested in her subject at all, plus she had one little arm and one normal on. Well one day I was sent out because ai got the giggles, got in trouble and got a detention. so at break time I stormed into the refectory (student area) which was above another room in which you could hear what was going on in each room. Well I had a right bitching session with a friend and may have said something along the lines of; "fucking Mrs X with her little arm, I bet that bitch can't fucking finger her self cause it's so small. That woman needs to pull that stick out her arse and I swear to god I would love to slap her, shit on her face and then pour molten lead down her throat". The only thing I didn't realise was that Mrs X was in the area where you could hear everything and lets just say I was rather embarrassed epwhen she confronted me. :p well in the end I got transferred to a new English teacher who was lovely and I ended up getting an A* in English language and an A in English lit at gcse. So the moral of the story was fuck mrs x lol

MidgetGem Wrote:I have far too many that I'd deem embarrassing but well, I aint sharing them! :redface: Those skeletons can stay tied, duct taped and chained in the closet!!

Didn't know u were into bondage midget :p

East Wrote:LOL...I did that too and was frozen in shock when I found out she was just fat...I NEVER ask anyone anymore under any circumstancesRofl

Me three , I bumped into an acquaintance , I had not seen for years, I swear the woman looked pregnant ,I mean who would wear hipsters with their belly hanging over?
So I made this huge deal over it and said the worst thing you can possibly say.
"Not long to go now ,are you excited?"

The look she gave me was worse than a slap , I tried to apologize , I even blamed it on the hipster jeans , she was wearing, she walked off with the huffs.

I have a very bad habit of saying the wrong thing.:biggrin:

Idk what's more embarrassing... the fact that I'm going to post this online or the actually event of it happening...

I was on my way out to meet a friend when i decided to take my vitmains. One of them was a powder of phytonutrients you just mix with water. I filled my glass with water, emptied the packet in the glass and gulped it down. It was good, tasted like raw veggies. It was also my first time taking it. Little did I know that the directions instructed you start w/ a 1/4 of the packet and work yourself up to a whole packet.

I get in my car, and call my friend. I'm about 10 min from my house when my stomach starts to gurgle. I'm like no big deal, I have to fart. I do that little side lift, you know where you lean on the left or right cheek and slowly let one out... well, LET'S JUST SAY I GOT MORE THAN EXPECTED! I god damn sharted right in my pants!!"

I told my friend over the phone what happened and she CRACKED up!

Embarrassing? I'm still unsure, but i find it fucking hilarious!

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