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Biggest Fear stories
I get really uncomfortBle and frightened around things that are bigger than they should be.
Like a very large flower or a disproportionately big leaf in a bush with smaller leaves.

Also Disease and germs and grime and horrible horrible public bathrooms! They all need to be burnt. Kill it with fire.

Heights, open spaces, people . . . . the list goes on.

I sure am afraid of having a booring life. Hate doin things like everyone else does; they call us "weird persons", but i am so loving it

Haha. I don't like boredom, but I wouldn't call it a fear of mine.

not many fears for me...
but maybe:
[Image: spider.gif]
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

I am afraid of heights and Snakes.

i am scared of being touched , germs , gaining weight and eating (although i'm working on those ...) , lots of social situations , and sometimes just people in general , lol ~

A fear is just something to be conquered, a personal challenge to me. Not that I don't have any fears, I do but not the run of the mill sort and, not ones I avoid because you can't avoid what's within yourself or what you might do.

That's the problem with understanding and knowing the worst aspects of human nature, you know, intellectually that you aren't something or never would do something but, you also know that you could easily be or do those things if circumstances and choices had been a bit different at this or that point in your life.

It's those possibilities that scare me the most. The ones there is no way to remove because they are a part of me and, it's only my choices and circumstance the keep them form being the horror they potentially could be.

Heights....I am severely acrophobic....to the point where if I cross a bridge while in a car, I must close my eyes and breathe deeply. I am unable to drive so no worries about me doing this and causing an accident Wink

I also fear my mental facilities deteriorating with age. Dementia and Alzheimer's terrify me.

I fear that my life has been without meaning or purpose at times.

Those are my three main fears I would have to say.

I have a fear of confrontation.

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