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Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Making Out With Not Anderson Cooper
Here's Anderson Cooper's boyfriend Benjamin Maisani, making out with someone who is not Anderson Cooper in a New York City park.

[Image: xlarge.jpg]

:eek: Horrible way to find out your guy is cheating on you.

maybe they have an open relationship?

This isn't going to work.

Being 'out' and a celebrity is going to be problematic, your relationship gets watched a little closer with more people looking for faults than with say Britney Spears and her 55 hour husband.

One of the commentators at the site said 'Maybe they have an open relationship'. Great for them, when they kept their relationship to themselves, bad for them now that everybody knows. People gossip, people gossip more when you have an 'open' relationship yes even the other gays gossip over such.

Anderson is in for a lot of scrutiny, him, his partner, his relationship. His partner is going to have to act in a more 'mainstream' manner, sorry but society has certain expectations, its bad enough they are two men in a relationship, society is barely tolerating that. The idea of 'open relationships' is going to go over like a lead balloon...

Face sucking in a public place is a big no-no in my books. I don't like it when straight teenagers do it, I don't like it when two adult men do it - I just don't like it at all. The only time face sucking is allowable in public is when its in the process of administrating CPR... Wink

The picture looks way too professional. like a scene from a movie or something. I just don't believe that this is something that someone just happen to catch on camera.

if they didn't have an open relationship before they do now.

Thankfully I have the same reaction I had when Bill Clinton got his blowjob....or when anyone else in the public eye gets caught with their pants down...

"Why should I care?"...followed quickly by "It is none of my business" .......

I have refined my reaction a bit since Bill's BJ by asking these simple questions...

"Did they lecture other people about "moral values?" "Did they try to DEFINE relationships for anyone else but themselves or even worse try to qualify other people's relationships using the word "normal" or "healthy"?"

If not...then I revert to my initial reaction...

"Why should I care?"...followed quickly by "It is none of my business"


this is someone's comment from that page: "As gays become more "mainstream" straights are going to have to understand that not all gay couples are obsessed with exclusivity."
I think it applies.

One thing is for certain...only time will tell!

I'm not convinced that this is a real photo that someone just happen to catch while out in a part in NYC. The photo looks too staged & professional. If you were making out with your man in a park, would you not notice if someone got that close to you with cell phone? Also, does anyone know for a fact that one of the guys is Andersons boyfriend? It could very well just be someone who happens to look like him. Either way, I still say this picture is a professional photograph & not something that just happen to be caught with a cell phone camera by someone who just happen to be walking by & noticed who the guy is

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