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Fantasy with my boyfriend

So, my boyfriend slept with someone a few months before we made our relationship official. When he told me about it I was a bit insecure but have got closure on the situation and I am over it.

However, I met the guy a few days ago and he is really hot in person. So ever since, I have had a fantasy of sleeping with this guy myself and letting him take control so I could experience what my boyfriend went through. Then I'd like to have a threesome with this guy and my bf where we share my boyfriend and like DP and split-roast my bf and stuff.

Also, I'm not sure if its just the fantasy I find hot or the actually act. I wouldn't want to start going through with it then feel uncomfortable and stop, especially since I don't like the idea of my boyfriend sleeping with other guys so I'm really confused by it all.

Im not sure how to explain this fantasy (I know it is not a cuckold fetish and I'm not into that - I'm certain of it) or how I can bring it up to my boyfriend. I feel embarrassed if I talk about it or slightly taboo or like I will be judged.

If anyone has any advice on the situation, insight to similar experiences, has the same fantasy, or advice on talking to my boyfriend about it that would be great. Thanks

Are you sure your boyfriend let him take control?
I bid NO Trump!

yep I'm sure, we have spoken about it

You've already talked to your boyfriend about letting someone else take control of him in bed...... but can't bring it up now that you think you've found someone to do it?

*thinks I'm missing something here*

Bottle it up or spit it out.

Sounds like fun, but also homewreckish.

Whatever insecurity is driving this obsession with this guy, let it go. Do whatever it takes to forget him and be thankful that your bf saw greater qualities in you and chose you long term over some quicky with him. You've already won the competition. The backwards facing path you're on now will only end in ruins.

Is your boyfriend open to a threesone?

Don't sleep with him alone that's just fucked up. Your relationship is official now.

Do you think maybe you're jealous of your bf having one last hot fling while you we're being exclusive.

Having sex with someone else isn't something you can un-do or take back. If you do it, with or without the boyfriend, you have to be prepared for the consequences and possible fall out. What if you hate it? What if regardless of what he says, your boyfriend can't get over it? It kinda sounds like you haven't, so what makes you think he will?

I guess it boils down to whether or not your boyfriend is worth a potentially hot fuck or not, because it could very well come down to that.

Life is short, if all three of you are into it, have fun. I would do it, but hey I'm hardly ever in a "Stable" relationship.

Maybe bring the subject up casually as a joke? Leaves yourself some room for a "Ha! Gotcha" moment, but also lets you gauge whether the subject is borderline approachable "Ha! Very funny(!)" or completely off limits "What the fuck dude?" in a more serious capacity.

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