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What turns you off the quickest?
a lack of compassion for developing countries. Dog

The phone ringing.

What turns me off?
When answering the phone in a middle of the conversation and only to be ignored for 1 hour.

Disrespect for my participation in my culture
Disrespecting my parents or any family members (and friends)
Someone who doesn't value intelligence (these would be the people in school always making fun of the "nerds")
Someone who doesn't have patience with me (I don't like jumping into relationships and doing things I'm not ready to do yet).

i hate bad dancers. there's nothing that puts me off with a man that dances with two clubbed feet and cement in his pants.

apart from that i like men who are more physical and less intellectual than me. it makes me greedy that way.

i forgot to add - Bad Hygiene. Smile

People who sit around and list all the things that makes someone unworthy of their affection.


If you so much as whisper any pluttifikayshun, I'll go from Midnight to Six in no time.

turn offs. I always thought i had a giant list. but i've recently started doing this accept people for their flaws things and lemme tell ya. its changing the whole game around.

Well I think part of life is learning about your flaws and trying to fix or improve them. I know I have mine, between having issues with confidence, social awkwardness, and so forth. I have found people (including myself) too quick to judge someone. Often first dates are a bit shaky for me, just hard for me to relax.

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