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What turns you off the quickest?
The two things I find most offensive are:

1. Bad or no manners.

2. Bad or violent driving.

If you cant be bothered to be a civilzed human being, I cant be bothered to date you.

MisterTinkles Wrote:Whoa! That sounds like something I would post!!! LOL
Except for the christian thing.....as Im not. Even though I have strong opinons on it, I dont slam people for it, unless they use it to abuse others and take advantage.

Curious to know whats wrong with the under 30's? Or are you meaning those smartasses who think they are mother natures "gift" to the world??

Being 46 soon to be 47 I'm too old for 20 something year olds. I recall the days when I was 20 something and those creepy 40+ year olds were always trying to pick up on me and others my own age.

The numbered 'list' was suppose to be tongue in cheek - humor.

There are many things, but the quickest would have to be poor hygiene.

Hating the non-beautiful people Tongue
Anti-intelligence/anti-science people
Violence as a conflict resolution

Aside from appearance, what is the one thing that a guy can do, say, or behave that will turn you off to him the fastest?
1. Be a racist ass. I am Mexican-American, not a "wetback", or "spic"! And that goes for "play-acting" too. I had one guy ask me to speak "more like a Mexican" in bed because he got off on it. Um...really?
2. Overly feminine OR overly masculine.
3. Misogynistic- Many of the people I most care about are women. I get that it is easy to fall into the "boys club" mentality in gay culture, but really? If one of the first words out of your mouth is a derogatory remark about women...I am gone!
4. Controlling and Manipulative Behavior- of any type.

It's generally behaviors that will turn me off the quickest.

If they aren't showing interest in me or getting to know me, only talking about themselves, don't seem excited to hang out, ignoring what I say, or only seem interested sex.

I know you might think "if they aren't showing interest or aren't excited to hang out, they clearly aren't interested in being involved with you" but this has happened to me several times and when I've confronted them about it, they always insist they are interested. Of course, actions do speak louder than words. But I digress...

1.Guys who treat being gay like a competition of who's prettier.
2. People who are multiculturally incompetent.
3. Guy with no ambition.
4. Mean boys, who make themselves feel better by bashing others.
5. Guys who say like 10x in one sentence.

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