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Diaper porn?
Spades Wrote:OK, lets say you hook up with a guy and instead of briefs, he is wearing a clean diaper?


Clean diaper I can take.... dirty one on a grown man? Ewwwwww!

I watched a show..I believe it was my strange obsession and it was about a man who dressed as a baby, wore diapers, had an adult-sized high chair, and crib and hired a woman(don't remember if it was the same woman all the time or not) to come over and basically take care of him like he's a baby. She read him books, fed him, talked to him like a baby, and he would throw tantrums and act literally just like a baby. I don't know that it ever got sexual in nature but I think it's perhaps a g-rated version of the same fetish. I think it has to do with the idea of the person acting as the baby likes to be taken care of and I think there's also something about a feeling of being loved and having a sense of safety/security and then there's people who enjoy taking the parent role and being loving and nurturing and that sort of thing. I'm not super educated on the matter but that's what I've gathered so it doesn't seem quite so weird to me.

Personally I'm not in to it but I guess I understand it at least a little bit. I think it's less weird than like foot fetishes. But I'm kinda weird like that I suppose.

Yay!!! What every woman wants another attention seeking needy man/child.Rolleyes

How can that be remotely a turn on?

Whatever floats your boat, not my cup of tea though!

princealbertofb Wrote:That's some Fetish, Daniel... I suggest you find us a picture to illustrate right away!!! :biggrin:


princealbertofb Wrote:That's some Fetish, Daniel... I suggest you find us a picture to illustrate right away!!! :biggrin:

http://www.whitesandsmalls.co.uk/lg_imag...Stripe.jpg totally striped boxers ^^

Matty71 Wrote:No, not for me.

Nor me.

Each to their own, I guess.

Not my thing .... but if someone want it .. OK ... as long as nobody gets hurt again his own will.... My opinion is if more people would do in their sexual life what they want to do and would be honest to their partners with their own wishes and phantasies, maybe fetishes... we had a lot of more happy couples....

I have always found this particular fetish the most hilarious. I just can't sift past the hilarity. I don't understand the sexiness. I'm literally ROFL'ing right now. I just doesn't add up! Laugh2

That's too weird.

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