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Diaper porn?
Weird? yes.

Some of them probably realy need it, from a top prospective is a no no.

Teox Wrote:Weird? yes.

Some of them probably realy need it, from a top prospective is a no no.

So, if a guy needs it, you wouldn't top him?

I have friends that are into infant play, a sub set of the BDSM community, some gay, some straight. It isn't my thing but, some people are turned on by having their bottom 100% dependent on them to not only care for them, but know what they want or need and, infant play is a way to give them that. If you are an infant, you can't talk, get around on your own, feed, or bathe yourself, don't know how to pleasure yourself etc.. and, some people are into that sort of care giving combined with sex play.

It's a fetish, a style of sex play, same as if you are a sadists, masochist, like being bound, or binding your partner, are into needle play, blood play, whatever. Just something some people enjoy, no big deal, just don't ask me to get involved in it. (Some of those I do like, but not infant play.)

there was an episode of CSI with this theme, it was a really big guy in a diaper and very strange episode that exposed this fetish in a way and how popular it can be,,,

totaly not for me and freaked me out a little too, i like to watch repeats fo CSI but wont be seeing that one again

I think this kinds of fetishes are Ok .... and I think people with fetishes can learn much more about their partners.

Some friends of mine are into petplay ... you know ... one is the dog or horse... or whatever. As they told me that they both like that. I just asked " I hope you have already give him his rabies vaccination" :biggrin: ... "I mean ... if he bites me"

Just my man said he can´t handle with it .... so thats the other side of the medail, nobody should do what he don´t want.

CSI i did an episode with petplay too lol ,,, wow CSI is broad and open minded now i think about it...the woman played a cat but she was strayin so things got scartchy

Daniel Wrote:http://www.whitesandsmalls.co.uk/lg_imag...Stripe.jpg totally striped boxers ^^

I see, I see... lol.

I did, somehow, expect there to be a (young) man in them, though... can you find that???

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