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kinda wierd
So as i moved to germany , this small town had tonight a "road festival" thingy, after this they had a nice garden arranged for people to come, chat and drink some beer, i had this guy 3 houses away with whom i only chated somethign like "hi" "hi" adn since i was kinda horny , i kinda moved on to sex. My mom bf camed home to take a piss, i waved him to go somewhere else , he raned and this dude(who doesn;t knows very well english, we only seem to get along just by body language and mimincs, something like he talks german and i am talking english) asked for my phone number; i hesitaded since he is just 17(i feel so, donno stupid cause i was only with older dudes, and he was a virgin). Am i supposed to ignore him since of his age? :-\ or just try to be friends... with beefist

What is the age of conscent where you are?
IIf he is old enough why not

If he is of the age of consent and is not expecting anything else( relationship) but sex, then go for it.
If not, it's up to you if you want to be friends, with the possibility of a relationship.

There is only three years between you.

He is 17 and i need to consider i jsut moved here so... don;t want his parents to give me the disgracefull look. The age limit i guess it's 18 since we are in europe

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