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How to keep kissing interesting
Can anyone give me ideas on how to keep kissing interesting. It's not that I don't enjoy kissing, but after a while I'm bored of just the same old, same old. Anyone have any tips?

Gently bit his bottom lip.

Rainbowmum Wrote:Gently bit his bottom lip.

No no no, she has it all wrong, draw blood - then things get very interesting! :o :tongue:

Honestly, there isn't much one can do differently when kissing. It is more limited than what one can do with a penis.

I mean you can try the monkey bar/spider-man hanging from a thread poise. Mind do not attempt at home, it may have disastrous side effects.

If kissing is a chore/boring, then stop for a while.

Or this all may be a symptom that the relationship is moving into another stage of love, we are now beyond the hot passionate I must suck your heart out through your mouth kind of love and brewing toward the power struggle stage.

I kiss in different places/positions (i.e, I work his jawline, his cheeks, neck, lips, concentrate on just the top or lower lip,) tilt my head to the side and move as I'm doing it, lip biting (though only very lightly,) lip-licking, that sort of thing. It all depends on what you're comfortable with and what works for the two of you. I've found most guys are very reciprocative to unexpected styles of kissing.

Try kiss feeding each other treats. It could be bits of fruit or soft candies, or just a taste of wine, a flavored, edible lube or body paint, caramel or chocolate syrup, whatever works that you both like.

Change what you do with your tongue and teeth. Nip at his lips, "count" his teeth with your tongue, see if your tongue can find anything under his tongue. Even lick his nose and laugh, then try to smother his laugh with a kiss.

Kissing doesn't always have to be serious, have fun, play with it, kiss unexpected places, put your tongue where he doesn't expect it to go, sneak flavors in your mouth to surprise him, etc...

Bite gently the upper and then lower lip
almost touching his/ hers enough to feel something, he will asked for more

a hard candy lozenge, gum for a different flavor; mint spearmint

One of my favorite kissing moves is coming up behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist, leaning in really close and kissing all over the back of his neck as soft and tenderly as possible. And throw in a little light nibbling on the ears. Smile

kissing... no... thanks.... I myself have enough spittle. I can´t see anything interesting in kissing... and kissing a non-vegetarian is really disgusting


I've been kissing my man for over twenty-four years - it ain't boring yet! :biggrin:

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