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Your favorite Piano Solos!!
What is your favorite piano solos? Classical, jazz, new age...any genre will do!

Also check out http://www.multiplayerpiano.com/

maybe we can hang out there sometimes to make some music? :biggrin:


Opeth - "Silhouette" <3

Linus & Lucy

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I love the piano solo at the beginning of Billy Joel's New York State of Mind, but the I love just about anything that man plays.

look at what I found xD


There are so many by Muse, Matthew Bellamy is an amazing pianist!


I've adored this piece ever since I watched "The Seventh Veil" years ago.




@Spades: heh, those are not piano solos..but okay i'll let you pass this time Wink

@Monk: I love that one. Probably one of the most melodic movement of all Beethoven's sonatas imo (along with Moonlight 1st movement ofc) and it's such a huge contrast from 1st mvt. And the best thing is I still remember how to play that song haha

@Ceez: love it.

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