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should gays arm them selves (US)
TommyinKY Wrote:From what I remember the wire length is shorter also for civilian models.

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From what the local PD guys say, they're slightly longer, but the ballistics of those barbs are so poor that neither can use their full lengths. the effective range of each is about the same.

Ah ok well police would know.

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I usually leave these arguments alone but I'll contribute to this one.
The framers felt that the right of citizens of this country to keep and bear arms was important enough to include it with some of the other most fundamental rights. We have the 1st Ammendment, which protects speech, religion and the press, and the second, which protects the rights of citizens to defend against tyrrany. Thats why it was included.
To those who feel it's outdated and doesn't applybecause they have sheep dogs like me to protect them against the wolves, I'd simply say ask a person from Rwanda, or from Serbia, or from Haiti, or any of the hundreds of places around the world where people have been oppressed and slaughtered in the last couple of decades if they want a gun.
I own guns, I am also in the profession of arms, and I think the more responsible, trained and educated gun owners we have the better off we are.
SSG United States Army

Thank you. You guys (and gals) are excellent "sheep dogs" as you put it but there are only so many dogs and the dog pack can't be everywhere at once.

another shooting, in NY

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