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should gays arm them selves (US)
as a US citizens, should gays carry. Anyone who chooses to own a weapon should go through the necessary training and appropriate filings. An end to gay bashing.
-what situations would warrant doing this; if any?
-is the logic; it will save my ass true or only get you into further bad?
-would you carry a lethal weapon for this purpose, or keep it at home?
-is carrying a concealed weapon burdensome?
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I think it's a bad idea carrying a gun on ones self just because of sexual orientation.

Say if you do get threatened/feel threatened by homophobes; i'm not sure pulling a weapon is a good idea.
If anything, i think it would encourage things to escalate to a shooting/shoot-out/being beaten to shit so you can't use the gun, due to how wiping out a gun tends to cause panic/surges of adrenaline and ergo stupid decisions.

I seriously doubt it would be an effective deterrent.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Only in the USA can you ask this question. What about the rest of the world?

No, it's a terrible idea. There should be no right to bare arms because in this day where there is a general lack of respect, the right to bare arms translates to the right to carry a gun into a school or theater and shoot people. The laws need to be changed to adapt with the times and make the right to bare arms a little less desirable.

First I am a concealed carry permit holder and, I do carry wherever it is allowed. For me it isn't a gay or straight issues and neither are gun rights period. Here in the USA, the constitution gives us the right to bear arms, that aside, it's a personal protection issue. I don't care if you are gay, straight, pansexual or, asexual, you might be in a situation where being armed will save your life, the life of a loved one and, or the lives of those around you.

Yes, I pray I never have to aim my sidearm at another human being, and I know that, even if I am in the right, if it happens I will go to jail but better judged by nine than carried by 12.

Is it burdensome? Only in having to know the law, and the preferences of business owners where you carry, and in finding and knowing how to use suitable weapons and, suitable, comfortable concealment holsters or bags.

Would I carry simply because I'm gay? No, that is not reason enough but, by the same token, simply being gay is no reason not to carry. Obviously if you are going to carry, you need to do so legally and, the law varies from stat to state. Beyond that, there is no point in carrying if you do not know how to use the weapon or, are afraid to aim it at, and fire at another human being and, accept the ramifications of doing so should you ever have to do it.

Think carefully before you go out and buy a gun and (if required) get the concealed carry permit and, actually carry a loaded firearm in public. It is a huge responsibility and, one that could very easily turn into a huge emotional, legal and financial burden. Yes it can give you peace of mind i the harsh world we live in, but the ramifications of actually having to use that gun are serious and, anyone who does carry hopes they never have to face that and, that it is a very real possibility for us.

dfiant Wrote:Only in the USA can you ask this question ...
that's what we are dong here.

Actually, concealed weapons have stopped gay bashing. The organization was started shortly after the death of Matthew Shepherd when some men chased an openly gay man threatening to turn him into the next Matthew Shepherd. He made it to his truck but they grabbed him before he could lock them out and in the struggle he grabbed his handgun that was in the truck and when he pointed it at them the guys suddenly had tolerance for gays and left. As a gun saved his life that day he was inspired to start the Pink Pistols.

It's saved others as well. So far I haven't heard of any gay bashers "escalating" the sitch, though if they did then they should be aware that US law (even in states like California) will often shrug off self-defense with a gun, but a deadly assault with a gun will get them hard time and even the death penalty in some states, which is perhaps why the sitch so rarely, if ever, escalates (that, and gay bashers typically want an easy victim, and someone armed who has a CCW permit isn't easy, and thus they don't like the risks and go find one without a gun and even if they thought they could take him and do the legal penalties against the would be gay bashers just skyrocketed).

Actually I've heard of it saving a straight couple mistaken for gay. Two women went to a redneck bar and found it boring. Before they left they danced with each other (as there was no one else worth dancing with) and this angered the men and they left. The men followed them outside, surrounded them calling them dykes, shoving them, and working themselves up into a righteous rage when one of their victims pulled her gun from her purse and the men backed off. And since this was real life and not the movies the men didn't just get their own guns (which a few probably had) as it just wasn't worth the risk & bother, especially as the women were leaving and obviously not coming back.

Obviously, gay bashers don't like the Pink Pistols, and the ideas that gays might shoot them (or shoot back) infuriates them to no end. And even FOX plays to their fear & hate when they said the Pink Pistols were a lesbian gang that raped young girls (which is not only ridiculous and as bad as Nazi propaganda against Jews or KKK against blacks but I think the Pink Pistols has a lot more men than women in it).

I have a concealed weapon permit, don't carry, I have killed far to many people already, (nam 1968/1971), be aware of what is going on in your surroundings, be aware of people out of place, learn to "see", go to the mall, look in a display window for one second, turn your back on it and describe to yourself everything you saw, color iten etc, turn back around and see how well you did. Do this until you are at 75%. If attacked would I defend myself, yes, would I kill another human being, only if there was no other way, James
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]

Learn a martial art u.u
You get confidence and can beat up anyone who wants to pick on you with ease. I dislike guns.

I have firearms and a side arm for both hunting and for protection. Not because I fear being bashed with a baseball bat, but because I have a minor concern that someday an intruder will come in and it will be me and him (or her) and two seconds to prevent a mere burglary from becoming a murder.

I honestly doubt I will ever have to discharge my sidearm in self defense. Well at the least I hope I will never have to. However I keep it around 'just in case' - Much like I keep the big flashlight in the kitchen - just in case the power goes out. Just like I keep the fire extinguisher in the trunk of the car - just in case the car catches on fire.

I carried concealed for a few years, legally. It was for a short term job that turned out to be a bit longer than previously thought.

Yes I was concerned about the responsibility. Yes I worried that there might come a day where I might have to use it. Few people even knew I carried - I was uncomfortable with the idea that I had to carry a sidearm 'just in case'.

A gun is a tool, no more likely to get up and kill someone than the butcher knives hanging in your kitchen. No more able to stalk a person and kill them than the hammer in your garage.

It is a tool, and yes any tool in the wrong hands can be a lethal weapon and used the wrong way to cause terrible destruction. Ask Lizzy Borden how a tool to chop wood turned into a way to end her parental issues.

Understand that a person who wants to kill badly enough will find a way to do the dirty deed. If all the guns were to simply vanish today, tomorrow we would have an increase of blunt object beatings and knifing.

Some gays should carry. As should some straights. And carry conceal. I want the robber, murderer, basher to be uncertain if his target is a carrier or not. I want them to think long and hard before they select their next target.

We all don't have to carry.

I own a 357 magnum, I have had many guns over the years. Not because I am afraid of gay bashing or even for fear of someone breaking into my home (as a matter of fact, the front door of my house doesn't even have a lock on it) For me its just a cultural thing. Being from the rural south MANY people have guns, we are raised around them & taught at a very young age how to handle & use them properly. Its just one of those things you have just in case you may need it some time because you never know what will happen.

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