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Gay guys: do you ever feel slightly attracted to women?
I was asked this very question many times before by my straight friends when I came out to them.

"Have you really, really tried, Jay?"

I asked them, "Are you attracted to your own gender sexually?"

They answered no.

"Are you sure? Have you really, really tried?"

They insisted, yes.

"Exactly." I replied.

No, not sexually. Sure I have my ideals of what I think is beautiful in a woman and, I know it when I see a beautiful woman but, I don't feel any arousal for or, sexual attraction to her.

Not that I couldn't get aroused and even have sex with a woman, I could - the mind is the largest sex organ in the body. Physically, I'd be with a woman but my mind would be with a man and, to keep my mental illusion going, I'd avoid touching certain areas of her and, prefer she not be facing me.

For some unexplained reason I always been close to that department, because in case have been forced, although, I am married to a woman and you can develop love and caring for that person whatever its sex, but in my case never sexually satisfied.

And I though it was only me but as Pellaz said "I don´t like the smell of fish"

I feel excited if the woman/girls is extreamly beautifull, confident and seductive. The only woman i would really wanna have sex with is Katy Perry. I'm not really into boobs, but hers..Big Grin

I am gay and attracted to men. I say I am bisexual because I am also attracted to women and that keeps it more accurate for deeper interpersonal interactions. I do not choose to be with men and women because that level of promiscuity triggers other habits I like to avoid. When I was a kid I used to dream about being with Tarzan and Tina Turner at the same time! LOL Jungle love while rolling on the river. Wavey
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

Heh, I've been so conflicted with my self when it comes to be gay. As said, I didn't choose to be it and I doubt few just choose to become it. I've tried many times to look upon a woman that way but I don't, just like a painting, I find women amazing and beautiful, but just like a painting, I don't want to have sex with it lol Biglaugh
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.

Concentrate on what works the best for you. gay bi or straight; everyone has to love the one your with in the end.

Nope, I have no attraction to females.
I use to have a slight attraction to them, but then it faded more and more, now I can only look at them and say stuff like "Oh yea, you look pretty"
No sexual feelings to them at all, now for men it's like... "Hot damn let's jump on his back"
Have I tried thinking of females in that way?
Yea....Have I tried kissing them? Yes...Did not end well, felt like vomiting, not because of anything she did but it felt so...Just EW to me lol.

agree with zet - some amazing women, beautiful, inteligent, stars etc . but i dont want sex with them to be honest - if i did then i would be bi and im not

i gave up fighting with myself and decided it would be better to accept and be happy hence the answer being no.... i can look at a woman and compliment her but sexually... not for me

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