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Gay guys: do you ever feel slightly attracted to women?
I would consider myself still questioning, basically and slowly accepting being gay, but I do find myself admiring a beautiful woman every so often. They basically look pretty because of something they are wearing. I can honestly say, I've never really cared much for boobs. However, I look at guys way more and when I see one I like, which is a lot, the feelings I get run all over my body. Get me a guy with great legs in athletic shorts or tight jeans and a nice butt, WOW! That doesn't happen with women.

Exactly Double007, sure there are gorgeous women, great legs, thigh stomachs, nice butts, then my mid gets to "Ewww squishy chest and I know that thing down there smells like bad fish." Now put those toned legs, that tight stomach and cute butt on a guy and all I can think of is wanting all over him, or him all over me.

No. Never.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

No but we have a great time and I like them.

Sometimes, but generally it's more to their minds than to their bodies. Women can be great friends. That's an attractive quality.

46 years of life, discounting Meryl Streep there have been two women where I have seriously considered the whole 'man and wife, babies, car, house in the burbs... blah, blah, blah' thing.

They were lesbians, so I often amuse myself with the notion that I'm really a lesbian in a gay man's body. :tongue: And the act they were lesbians of the stronger type may preclude their gender but their more, um, masculine approach to life which I found attractive. :biggrin:

Now if we go against my experiences (real ones, not imagined) then being with 8 men and having had romantic feelings (never had a woman 'that way') then I would say that I'm 80% gay 10% straight.

However it really doesn't play well, considering all the men I have been attracted to and the goodly many where I contemplated suburbs, children, blah (marriage) then this drops the percentage of 'straight' real low, below 1%.

Is there the 'right woman' somewhere out there for me? Well with 7+ billion people on earth I'm sure there is one woman out there with the right mental/emotional equipment to rock my world. I won't discount the possibility. I just discount the probability that it will ever happen to me.

I can be attracted to a girl with a great smile, or that loves to joke around and be herself, dont want to do anything sexually though just no motivation lol always seems like forced thoughts

I only get atracted to a girl if she has a meen sense of humor Big Grin

Yes, sometimes I do. I tend to get aroused by athletic women so I guess one could argue they still require some masculine traits to get me going. Al or so, who doesn't appreciate a nice smile or good sense of humor.

East Wrote:I am EXTREMELY attracted to strong and independent women but that doesn't mean I want to have sex with them. I am gay. I am capable of having sex with a woman (I was once basically a slut) and have done so but it was all mechanics and no emotion.

I am currently in love with Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil Badass) ...before that it was Starbuck (Battlestar Gallactica Badass) or Sigourney Weaver (Aliens Badass) or Mariska Hargitay (L&O SVU Badass)...I think they are all sexy sexy sexy creatures...I love Badass women:biggrin:

Starbuck was definitely a tough strong woman, but man did she start really pissing me off about season 3 and beyond. She went off the deep end in a major way and let her problems control her so much that I felt like she was no longer a strong woman, but just someone who wouldn't let anyone help her. Not because she was so strong, but because she was so stubborn and scared.

Off topic I know.

I'm Bi anyway, so I'm not much good to contribute to this topic. Tongue

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