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Negativity about Foot Fetishes
Thanks, im not getting any compliments so its making me blushBig Grin

some good points that i never thought of rumble as for "I'm 16 so you don't have to listen me either" u just proved that wrong anyway, u made very valid points so more of that m8 !!!

Good point Rumble.

I didn't think of that because I am barefoot, bare rest of me too actually, more than not so for me, comments and discussions about any part of my body are the norm in my home, it's visible, so sure if someone is here, they will comment on what they see.

But I can see how people might be reluctant to talk about parts of their body they don't usually expose and, for many feet is one of those parts.

I'd have no problem with it if you wanted to kiss my feet two minutes after we met, but then, I'd have no problem if you wanted to rim me, kiss my elbows or lick my nipples either. I would probably tell you "You know that isn't going to get me to have sex with you right?" and chuckle, but I'd let you do it. But I am the exception, most people are a bit more self conscious of their bodies.

If we're talking about germs and where we put our mouths and tongues, well, the mouth itself is RIFE with bacteria!

If I can kiss a mouth (and I do, and quite like it) then I'm quite comfortable putting my mouth anywhere else (all things being equal, and well showered of course)!


I myself have no interest in feet...they're just there for walking on LOL
That said I'd be totally ok with it if I had a friend someone who wanted to touch or play with my feet (I just wouldn't be interested in doing the same back...)

Well, I kind of understand the fear of germs but then once again no guys seem all that concerned about dicks (which you piss out of) or asses (which we all know what you do out of them.) Just seems silly. Especially since I'm the one who wants to touch and kiss THEIR feet, they don't have to do anything with mine if they don't want to.

I also see the point of not just blurting out my foot fetish right away. I don't do that. But if you ask what I'm into, I'll tell you. It's not all guys who act so grossed out by it, but enough that it's annoying...

when I was a teenager I had a penchant for toe and finger sucking, it didn't carry over into adulthood. It's a harmless fetish and I think it is wrong to be discriminated against for it.

Can't change peoples minds, but you can change where you find people Wink

MT94 Wrote:If someone's not into feet yourself, that's fine, but why would so many guys be so negative about it? It's not like they have to do anything with MY feet (although they're welcome to...) I am the one with a fetish for THEIR feet... Why not let someone who wants to service theirs? What have they got to lose?

I know I'm a little late to this thread, but I happened to stumble across it and felt the need to throw in my 2 cents.

I'm about to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself! Personally, I don't have the slightest sexual attraction to feet, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with your sexual attraction to feet. In fact, it's not your fault at all. Thanks to a great thing called science, foot "fetishes" have practically been proven to be completely natural. How?

I have a degree in Biology and I specifically studied Neurobiology quite a bit while I was in undergrad. Probably one of the most interesting topics to study, by the way, if you're at all interested in Biology or science. Anyway, every area of your body has sensory neurons that travel back to the spinal cord and, eventually, to the brain. There is an area of your brain known as the somatosensory cortex, which basically contains a big neural map of your body that receive signals for the sense of touch. So, there is a specific area in this cortex dedicated to every part of your body (lips, jaw, hands, etc.). Most of the areas are laid out in a fairly logical manner, however the area that corresponds with the feet is located right next to the area that corresponds with the genitals. During development of the nervous system, neurons become "wired" to their respective areas in the cortex and, as you can imagine, there can be a sort of "crossing over" that might occur. This basically means that the neurons associated with your genitals can overlap with those associated with your feet. Therefore, feet become a big part of sexual stimulation for you.

I know this might sound pretty crazy, but I promise I'm not making it up! It's been studied by many neuroscientists, most notably by Vilayanur Ramachandran. So don't let others get you down about it, it's completely natural. You were born like that, so no judgement here! Biggthumpup

72Jay has similar views to me, although I don't think i would be able to handle someone licking my feet because i am insanely ticklish! I am also not all that into rimming either but don't look down on people who like doing that. As a few people have said, maybe it is not the best thing to come out with as a conversation starter to someone new - just try and slip it in once you know them a bit better and hopefully they won't freak out!

Well, i think alot of folks when they hear the word fetish - whips and chains, scat and piss come to mind. So word-choice is critical when you discuss you're "turn-on's" with folks!

Also, I have several buddies who have a foot fetish and to be honest, only 1 of them has fully grasped the reality that finding a partner who fills ALL your desires AND enjoys having his feet worshiped is really, really, really low. He also had to re-wire his sexuality to be able to enjoy non-foot-related sex. Yeap. It was a challenge at first....because for so long he coudn't cum during sex unless it involved his partner's feet. In fact, he had to get some therapy to get the skills to help re-wire his mind and put his "fetish" in balance.

I, myself, have a nipple fetish - i think most folks have a sexual fetish of one sort or another.

The key is to keep it in balance with your full "toolbox" of sexual skills/likes and desires.

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