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Negativity about Foot Fetishes
wow...never really had this kind of kink, but hey whatever gets you off, right?

I agree Bob, we all have a fetish, one item, body part, foreplay or, sexual activity that gets us going more than anything else.

For me it's a guy with a happy trail - you know that line of hair form the navel to the groin. I love following that trail with kisses and gentle nips.

A lot of people confuse a fetish with kink, not the same. I love my kink too, the bondage, "advanced" toys, and even edge play but that isn't a fetish, that;s kink which is a lot broader spectrum that one little fetish.

A fetish can generally be indulged in without the need for special equipment, beyond possibly your fetish item, like shoes being on, or nylons, or whatever. Kink is an entire way of interacting and engaging in sexual activity, and can stretch beyond that into form of house bois, full time, consenting slaves, the sub wearing a collar at all times, etc...

People like what they like nuff said.

I love feet. I wouldn't say i have a full blown fetish. But I feel like when i'm fooling around with another person, Were not getting the whole shabang if we don't explore all sensations. So i've been known to nibble a toe or two.

It grosses me out due to the hygiene.

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