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How does the perfect guy look in your opinion?
How is his height? Eyes? Body shape? Long / short legs? Muscular, etc?

Tell me Smile

welcome to gay speak

look into a mirror; thats how, more or less, the guy should look

pellaz Wrote:welcome to gay speak

look into a mirror; thats how, more or less, the guy should look

That's sweet Smile :d

i can see beauty in everything so thats really hard to answer, a nice chunky ginger lad wouldnt go amiss right now though lol

Simple answer to that one: exactly the way my man looks! 1luvu


The perfect man doe snot exist, not even the perfect man for me appearance wise. We each have things we like and dislike in the appearance of others.

I like chest hair and dislike man boobs but, you may be bare chested with man boobs and I find you an amazing, wonderful person so, I'd still be with you.

I tend to be attracted to men like Jason.

The body type of Jason Momoa:
[Image: Jason%2BMomoa.jpg]

And the sweet, adorable charm and personality of Jason Voorhees.

[Image: jason_voorhees_0011.jpg]

The first 4 men in my life (as lovers/partners) were all taller than me by at least 2 inches. I stand (stood actually, I lost an inch according to the Doctors office) 6'2" - It appears I prefer to look up to my man - :tongue:

The first five were of more than average build - more muscular. The first two had more padding (fat) than the third, the third was a 'gym rat' who used massive amount of supplements (steroids) to achieve that hard, toned, well cut body. All five worked out regularly and were into things like football and other sports and activities where strength was needed.

He quickly reprogrammed me to fear well cut abdominals and other muscles. Today I see a washboard stomach and I feel a bit of anxiety.

The fifth was only 6'2", the last three have been gradually shorter than me, and more slender and 'weaker'. And more submissive thus less prone to violence. The last (before the current) had 'hissy fits' and threw things. A wonderful quiet 6 month relationship.... :tongue:

The second, third, and forth men of my 8 man career were sweet, loving adorable individuals with the character and depth of charm and compassion as Jason Voorhees. I have a minor attraction to dominate males with huge egos that require their partner to orbit them like a little, obedient moon.

The truth is I may not have noticed Jason Momoa if it wasn't for the Conan Character, all of that blood lust tied up with growls screams perfect man to me. :tongue:

My current partner is as far as one can get from my 'type'. He is only 5'10", slender and is submissive to the point of being co-dependent (yes we do have a sick relationship, but I have been in far sicker and more destructive ones).

I seriously doubt there is such thing as the 'perfect' man. My first lover may have come close in perfection of body and mind, but he did have a tendency for a few, um, foibles that at the very least the Great State of Nevada didn't like. (He was involved in a robbery where the gun went off and a man died).

[Image: michelangelo1.jpg]

Tall with dark hair and an intense stare.

[Image: 1034504-antonio_banderas_20070312_225073_super.jpg]

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