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Looking for advice
Okay so I had met this really cool guy that I like a lot. We started hanging out this summer at the beginning of July. We act like a couple sometimes and we are both into eachother. Niether of us has brought up the subject of being an official couple and I kinda want to but am not sure if I should or not...once I asked him if he liked me and he said he did but it was too soon to see how far it would go, but that was only 2/3 weeks after we started hanging out. I want to bring up being a couple but at the same time i don't want to make him pull away.

Well then do so casually, sort of like "So any idea where we are going yet?" Or use a little humor "What would you say if someone tried to steal me away from you?"

You aren't exactly saying "Let's be a couple", but you are testing the water to see where is is on the idea. Go from there. If he needs more time, let him have it, you really haven't known each other that long. Patience pays off sometimes, but testing the water now and ten is okay too, especially if he's avoiding the issue.

Yeah, I get what you're saying. I also know he is about as scared as me because for a while I had planned on leaving at the end of summer toward the end of july he pulled away a bit. But then once I told him i was staying he was all like "you should've told me sooner and we could've hung out way more". So I at least know he cares enough to be a little scared. He also hints of and on about getting a place to live and stuff but at the same time he realizes it's too early...he just likes to bring it up.

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