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Someone tried to mug me today so I broke their nose :p
Well when I was shopping today some idiot tried to steal my bag Eventhough it only had pencils in it, so I chased after him down the street, grabbed my bag which he was trying to pull off me so well I punched him in the nose and he got concussed.he got arrested right then and there and I never got told off for taking the law into my own hands so to speak lol Anyone ever chased a thief? Lol

Romania a a thief country. They steal whatever they can. I used to work till 3-4am , so i can i am used to them.
Gj letting him know he can't mess with everyone he wants tooBig Grin

I've been assaulted but, the police were there to help. The main thing is you are okay and not going to get in trouble for it.

The main thing is you are good ... and saved the day tooSupergrin

Way back when I wore a collar, I was mugged by a group of young men.

I was actually surprised that anyone would dare to mug a priest (or a 'half priest on his way - its hard to tell the two apart by what is worn Smile ) - I was wearing the jacket and collar, even carrying a bible.... Strange thing, not only did they take my wallet and my watch, they also took the bible.

Did I fight back? No, three of them, one of me and one of them had a knife.

Mugging/robbery is a desperate man's trade. If they are desperate enough to steal something off your body, they may actually be desperate enough to steal your life.

wow, good job I bet he felt pretty dumb after that.

Good for you mate Wink You did good

LOL that sounds like an exciting day!
I'v only punched one guy proper.

Kiid Wrote:LOL that sounds like an exciting day!
I'v only punched one guy proper.

I have punched quiet a few around the ring Wink

Glad to know you were unscathed in the end...

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