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Great Date, but now avoiding
So I went on a great date last week. We hit it off so well, even kissed for a while at the end. My first impressions were that he was really into me...mainly because we chatted for a bit online the following days and he told me so. We set up a 2nd date which I was really excited for, but he bailed last minute. He then bailed for a make up date. He apologized through a text but it seemed half assed to me, and now he wont even return my texts. It's driving me crazy. I don't know what to do!

Not much you can do if he's decided to be a chicken shit and bale on you by not even texting you. I know it sucks, but some people just aren't mature enough to tell you the truth if they think you won't like it.

He's said everything important loudly and clearly. I would move on with specific intent to forget about a man who is a rude creep. He'd clearly only bring you confusion.

Hope you'll be back on track soon. Smile
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

Seems as though he may fear commitment and would like to think things through. Or, he could be a total jerk. Probably best to just move on from this.

Leave it be , don't waste another minute, you deserve better.

Silence actually speaks louder than what a person can say...listen to the silence, there is a message in that Wink

Move on and find someone better. Bighug

I often feel you guys (and gals) move too fast.... You're all telling him to drop him / it... But what if?
What if, for some reason he's had his telephone stolen and / or has no more credit to use?
We think that because we're sending texts, they are being received and read? Not always the case.

While I think it's ok for you to refocus, if you think the patience limit has been reached, Revolutions, I would still advise patience, especially if all the previous signs were positive. In any case, don't beat yourself up about being too easy or gullible, if your date happens to be a real creep.

I'm just thinking everyone's jumping to conclusions that might not be the right ones, going only from what you've been able to tell us, Revolutions.

If there is a next time, try to get your date to understand that there are other ways of getting in touch with you. (What means did your date have apart from your mobile phone number?) What do you know of his life, his job, his family circumstances? His reasons for cancelling may have nothing to do with what he thinks of you. You'd be surprised at how a set of bad circumstances can test your patience, and his chances of reconnecting.

I'd be interested to know how you worded your last texts, Revolutions... you may be guilty of sending him the wrong signs too.

Blue Wrote:I know it sucks, but some people just aren't mature enough to tell you the truth if they think you won't like it.

Quoted for truth. This is one of the most irritating quirks I find in other people. They'll lie straight to your face just to avoid confrontation. Unfortunately for them, I don't shy away from bulldogging anyone (not literally, but with words lol) to get the truth. Ask my boyfriend. lol

There are many guys that just don't want to hurt your feelings because they know you're a good person. Attraction can't be manufactured, as I found out yesterday. He started to talk to me like "you know that feeling, like butterflies"....I wanted to puke my guts out all over his shoes.

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