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same sex couples can't parent
There is this group in Minnesota likely funded by the family research council or some sort of traditional family group that is posting about the marriage amendment.

I completely abolish their misuse of research in a blog post I wrote. The research is no surprise the contorted and controversial one out of Texas that has been used to say same sex couples can't parent.


They are so wrong! They don't even read the study before publishing their propaganda!!! Lies!

Are you saying "can't be and behave as parents" or are we referring to reproduction processes only?

As far as reproducing the species goes, any person not afflicted with sterility or low sperm count, or no ovulation can most likely reproduce given the right opportunities. Saying that gay couples can't reproduce is silly. They may not be able to do it together, but with help from outside they can manage just as well as any hetero couple who can't reproduce due to one of the partners' infertility. They need assistance from outside, that's all, but that's not something that we shy away from these days. Science is out there to help all otherwise infertile couples.

As for not being able to be parents and behave like parents, that utter nonsense. If a single woman or man can parent, why would it make anyone unable to parent? We've all been brought into the world and have families, so it's likely that we have a fairly good idea of what parenting means and how to go about it.

Their agenda is so warped!!! :mad:

Ugh, why are we as a society still trying to apply sexuality to things it really has no bearing on? In addition to the flaws you pointed out, what part of the country are we talking about? What race were theses subjects? Were the parents in question also welfare children? What opportunity did these kids have to attend college, thus allowing for better jobs, and more jobs being available to them?

Jacob, for a would be journalist and blogger, I think you should definitely proof read your articles and what you write, as sometimes you write things that don't quite mean what you need to be saying... in your blog you say "same sex children" when you mean "children born to same sex parents or couples" .... please, do be more precise. You can't afford to be too lax if you want to be taken seriously. Just my two-pennies' worth. Wink

"248 of the 2988 sampled had same sex parents"... that's actually quite a lot, nearly 10%. Surprising!

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