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Iraq - In, Out, or just simply shake it all about?
In an attempt to keep a political discussion going....

We are getting slaughtered in Iraq, and when I say we I mean US and UK along with all the other nations who are sending troops there under the UN banner.

Isn't it time for us to say to Iraq to get on with it themselve, admit that yes we did start it and are mainly to blame for the state they are now in, but that it is up to Iraqi's to decide their own future, even if that decision is a civil war?

How many more soldiers need to die before we give up in a battle we will never win?

Ed x

PS. I am very patriotic, long live the Queen and God bless America and all that, just being a realist.

We discussed this in 2003, on the old Gayspeak site! I remember that I and a Peruvian friend of mine were very much opposed to that war, while one of the British members said it was a good idea to chase away this dangerous dictator Saddam Hussein comparable to the allied forces attack at the Germans in 1944. The British guy didn't like the attacks of my friend and left Gayspeak! Icon16

Anyhow: Everyone seems to agree now that starting this war was a bad idea. Some say that pulling out right now would only make things worse but I can hardly believe that. There is a civil war going on there and no foreign power is able to stop that. :frown:

So I would say yes, British & American forces, pull out your troups of Iraq - and think of leaving Afghanistan too.......

(Did any of you know that there are Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan BTW?)

Well I don't know too many people who thought the war was a good idea in the first place - the Iraq one that is. I am totally against war in any way shape or form. It is a shame that the US and its allies decided to take on the responsibility of the oppressed and abused Iraqi people and their oppressors under the guise of finding and suppressing WMD production and use (which admittedly were know never to have existed) when the Iraqi's did not have the notion to free themselves in the first place. Diplomacy my ass! As I recall - the only successful liberations (outside of a WW) have come from the people themselves acting on their own malcontent, not by any other's doing. The Bolsheviks did it, even us Yanks in our Revolution, among others, fought to free ourselves, and did so, successfully, because we wanted to, not because someone else deemed freedom to be righteous and noble, therefore imposing on a foreign culture who had to have been at the least content or not brave enough to say and act otherwise in relation to the state of their country. Now, I would like to say that we should finish what we started and make the situation right, but since Iraq still has not taken the initiative to shake the violence and fear that they lived with before we went...over there, I say we have done enough. It is time to come back...over here.

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