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i have never thinked i will do this
ok so i got a guy , he is 17, messed alot at a party ... He left because my dirty sex mood was activated and i scared him :| . So he called me 5 mins ago and wants to remeet at his palce, should i go ? i mean i am kinda into it , but he isn;t since he raned the 1st time...
So this quite the main reason i date only older...
Should i go ? Will i scare him? Do i need to get a "softer" aprouch? :| I suck at softer approuch :|

That's a hard one to answer , do you want to give it another go?
Seriously though , it is entirely up to you as to what you are willing to forgo and change for him.

I know you can look out for yourself , but please, play safe regarding going to his home , tell someone where you are going , and when you get there tell him you just have to let your friend know you are there.

It had nothing to do about that mom.... THe thing is that he is 17 , i am kinda violent with the sex things , don;t wanna scare the shit out of him , he seems like shy and stuff...
I have no worries with the beatings ...

Well if you decide to go. Just make sure you tone it down so you both are comfortable and be gentle with him If you don't wanna scare him away

Yeah man haha try starting with a nice pat or something! You know, guys will go a lot of places with a guy they trust and like because that's more like play and friends - but that trust and like thing kinda needs to be there first ya know? He may be a lil young for some of what you've been exposed to as well. Go easy with the guy!

gaved it a pass :| I would have felt too wierd ...

I hope it is not a silly thing to say... but why don't you just ask him out for a date?? The one where you get to talk a lot of silly stuff, laugh and get to know each other, meeting not in private, and it does not include going back to yours or his place in the end. I mean, if you are interested in him. It's unfamiliar waters for me, sorry if I sound stupid. Best of luck to you.

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