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How do you chat on Grindr?
Ok this may seem like an incredibly general question but I have no idea how to initiate a conversation on Grindr/other dating apps. I know how to but I just have no idea what to say. There is this guy on there, pretty cute, I've even seen him in real life (crazy, right). Has literally no info on his page except his hight and age so nothing there to talk about. I have had this app for 2 year and have never started the conversation with someone because of this. I don't want to be like hi how are you wuu2 etc. cause we don't know each other and they tend to be quite close ended. Any tips?


yeah start a random conversation without saying hi Big Grin
works for me ... people tend to answer to random stuff rather than hi

Well, first off do you have some information and a face pic on your profile?

Doesn't matter what you say to me as an opening line, if you have no profile i just ignore.

I usually find, "Hi how are you" or "Nice picture" are pretty good opening lines .

If anyone messages me I check out their profile before I reply. If I don't like what I see, I usually block straight away, and I expect anyone I message to do the same to me if they don't like what they read/see.

I wouldn't mention straight off that you know him in real life. That may freak him out a bit, especially if he's not openly out. He may block you straight away lol.

And a question is only close ended if you make it close ended. Right? :-)


Start with a compliment, Like your pic, great abs, etc.

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