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Relationship Sites ?
Anyone with experience with a real relationship dating type site for LGBT?

Not ones like Grindr or Craigslist which I understand are mostly hook-up for sex ads. Preferably ones which are known to be effective.

Depend on where you live...

You must have a Gayromeo account if you live in Germany. It's good for both hooking up and finding relationships.

I know that a lot of people say it's not a good idea to go looking for romance on a dating site, but it did work for me.

I've found OKCupid and POF to be best. You'll still find the usual ones looking for hook-ups, but there are more relationship-minded guys on those sites (especially OKCupid) compared to a Grindr or ManHunt type of site.

I think in europe gayromeo is most common... but you ll have a lot of guys looking for hookups only...

I have yet to find any actual REAL dating site.....they are all looking for sex, and lie about everything.

Having heard women complain that the men on dating sites are just looking for hookups and some are even already married (also some catch their partners using dating sites to cheat), I find it easy to believe just how, um, shallow & promiscuous many men are on the gay dating sites as well.

But what I don't get is why there are so many men complaining of it. Obviously there are guys who want more than that or there'd be no significant complaints. So what I'm wondering is why aren't the people wanting a real romantic relationship not finding each other? :confused:

Is it because the freaks are so much more aggressive and willing to tell the lies others want to her while those looking for a real relationship are so much more cautious about reaching out and because those who want more wouldn't resort to blatant lying & manipulation they don't think anyone else would either and thus become too credulous?

It would be nice to know. I bet many women would find the answer enlightening as well.

The best place to start a relationship is anywhere you feel NEW. I fell in love at the start of the 5th grade, 6th grade, 9th grade, college freshmen and first day on a job in 1968 and first day on a new job in 1976. The feeling of being insecure makes you yearn for support and you instinctively reach out for someone.

Two other nice places to meet gay guys are at a park walking your dog or at a library looking for a good book to read. You meet nice people in parks, libraries, museums, art galleries and cultural events.

I found my BF on Grindr so as long as you state ur not looking for a hookup and choose the people you talk to carefully you can find mr.right anywhere.

I never got to Square One on any site like Grindr or Adam4adam even for a casual encounter! There is a big leap to make between "cyber" and "real." In a real sex club I do have "success"; and in chat rooms indefinitely have success--using a webcam. But the chat room seldom leads to something in the "real" world.
But I do think people who are "meant to merge" can merge anywhere.

I met my partner now fiancé on POF Smile

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