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Butt plugs
So today I went to the porn shop for the first time ever lol. :eyebrow-wiggle-smil Whoop de de. I'm not usually bothered by things like porn and such but i went there to buy my first butt plug. I decided I'd wanna try them out since I hear so much things about them. First and foremost, porn shops are soooooooooo over rated. the selection was so limited there. I was actually disappointed by with what i had to pick from. I ended up buying a 5 inch anal bead thingy because the clerk was this frat boy loser. I go to the cock ring section and he's there talking about which one works best on him and which ones break easiest. I kinda stood there nodding like, "Yeah, what the fuck, stop following me around Mgwhore2" Then he sees the butt plug and goes, "Oh you're gay? That's cool, tell me when your ready to check out.Beerchug" I got him to leave me alone without even trying. In anycase rather than perusing the shitty interwebs and ending up with a virus; I come to the experts for le advice yet again for a single question.

Me and anal play aren't exactly the best of friends but I figure I'll eventually have to explore this with my lovely. but I think I'll start early. so commence the walls of texts please. Confusedmiley-drinking-bee

Just shove it up your ass.

No need to thank me. Beerchug

Well technically that is about it

However I would strongly suggest using a water-based lube like KY Jel/Gel and since this is your first time, perhaps finger yourself a bit to get your sphincter muscles a bit relaxed and more accepting. Then slowly slide it up until the wide part is inside.

Relax - if possible.

How long?

Its my understanding that some guys 'wear' one all the time except to go poo. Others only use them during sex. How long is up to you.

I would set a more modest and realistic goal of no more than an hour first time out.

Never understood butt plugs until I saw a fisting movie and another movie where they shoved fire extinguishers up this guys butt.

Then I realized what butt plugs were for....to keep food from falling straight thru!!!

Butt plugs can be very pleasurable! Just make sure you use lots of lube. I suggest nit going with the anal lube that has numbing agents in it, because you need to listen to your body, and if there is a lot of pain, you need to be aware of said pain. Just go slow and take your time gettin it in. You can really leave it in there as long as ya want. Enjoy!!!

Hayden Wrote:Just shove it up your ass.

No need to thank me. Beerchug

The hilarity of this response has slaughtered my bad night thus far. LOL. thanks for the responses.

I do hope that you got the beginners size and not the COLT one Party

If you enjoy watching porn may I suggest a Bel Ami Personal Trainers vid. Basically they are docs where they take a newbie with little anal experience, stick a small butt plug in so that he wont have too much displeasure when they put him thru the multiple positions with a couple guys with rather large cocks and not spend effort that a proper lover would before "making love".

A butt plug has many uses. It can be a training tool for someone who is very tight or a play thing with a partner or a mistake if TOO LARGE!

I have purchased a few mistakes as other friends have... but always recommend vibrating eggs. Everyone agrees they always hit the spot, are small and easy to use and share Flash Flash Just dont ask anyone for assistance naming them :O

p.s. Sorry, missed the "5 inch anal bead thingy"... ok, hoping that is length and not one bead.

btw, you could always get a mac and not fear the "shitty interwebs" so much.

porn shop or sex shop? I find stores specialising in toys are often cleaner and friendlier than the stores that focus on selling porn.

as for using it, well any way you like really, as long as your having fun then there isn't really a wrong way or right way of using anything.

MisterTinkles Wrote:Never understood butt plugs until I saw a fisting movie and another movie where they shoved fire extinguishers up this guys butt

Wasn't that movie called Backdraft? ;-)



Hayden Wrote:Just shove it up your ass.

No need to thank me. Beerchug

If I may make so bold as to add to Hayden's excellent advice which is spot on and delivered with the clarity and brevity we have come to expect. In all respects except one this is very good advice. I would only add that it is normal to take it out at some stage, particularly if you want to walk anywhere without attracting too much attention. Very experienced users, I gather, consider this step optional. My experience has been that it makes one like a dalek; stairs become impassible, ymmv.

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