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wonder if yar ok or funny about this kind of thing

bump up...

Some bad stuff happened to me when I was younger and I can't even have a piss with other people around me..

yar is not!

Well, mostly, in France this would probably not happen too often, because we have special rooms just for the toilet (often still referred to as the W.C. ==> something we stole from the English Water Closet)... so being in the closet might mean you're taking a dump, but on your own, as the wash basin would be in the bathroom proper.

I don't know whether this would be inconvenient or embarrassing for me, as it hasn't happened, I'm sure, since I was a very young child. The thing, for me, would be to prevent anyone from having to deal with the smell... so that's why we buy air fresheners, that more or less do the trick (badly, but... hey... what's a man to do?) I've heard that burning something like incense in the loo actually burns off the gas emitted by such actions, thus preventing the smell from lingering too long. Methane I think it's called?

NO WAY MAN! even Gay people have to have standards!

Some older barracks dont have doors...it not nice.

I would never do a number 2 but, say i was really needing to pee and my boyfriedn was in the bath or the shower then i would sette to that, but when i sit on my throne with my MBUK i expect to be left alone to enjoy the experience Tongue

sweetlad86 Wrote:Some bad stuff happened to me when I was younger and I can't even have a piss with other people around me..

Me too. I can stand there for like 10minutes in a public washroom trying to pee, it wont work.

Never! I like it to be a peaceful enviroment whilst i poop so i can think Big Grin

Well, I was in the Navy, and I spent time in jail, so I'm pretty comfortable with it. I wouldn't just walk in on my partner to chat, nor would he with me, but if one of us is in the shower or shaving, the other can do whatever he needs to with the rest of the bathroom..

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