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Flirting And Chat Up Lines?
Not a line, but......

In a club when it's really crowded and I see someone hot walking by I'll step on their foot and kinda hold them in place as they pass. (It could be an accident when it's so crowded). When they turn give a big smile and apologise and start up a conversation.

Works like a charm. Just don't step too hard, just enough to slow them down and turn around ;-)

You guys & your "going in for the kill" methods!I've never used any but there was this one asshole that used to work in marketing.After scouting,he'd walk up to a chick with a flower in hand & tell her he wanted to show the flower what true beauty looked like.They would fall for it EVERYTIME!He claimed he made it up on his own but everyone knew that Stuey wasn't THAT smooth!

No ... to be honest that does sound a bit fortune cookie - I think I'd have rammed the flower up his nose and sent him packing Confusedmile:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!


Very funny stories here !

Michael that's cheeky but smart what you doing there haha

Unless he treads on their foot and they DON'T turn, but instead fall face-first onto the floor ...


In that case I think it's fair to say the technical term is RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !!!!! Lol2.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

all of these ideas are great, but how can you tell if someone is gay in the first place to show your interest? i spend about 1hour on the bus every day and there is this guy i realy like, but i dont know what his orientation is and no1 i know will ask him TT__TT

I think one of the key things is to prepare yourself for as many possible outcomes as are plausible ... even if he is, he might deny it, so if you DO ask, gauge his physical response as much as anything else ...

Asking is the black-and-white simple way of dealing with the situation, granted ... but I always find it to be a bit TOO direct ... why not start chatting with him - begin with inocuous topics like the weather, the fact that the bus is always running so slow, and work your way up from there ... in this fashion, you'll be able to gauge how receptive he is to your company as another male. If he's stand-offish, or aloof, then that says something; if he's open and inviting of your company, that says something else ...

OR you could just walk up to him, undo your pants and say "SUCK IT" and see whether he takes the hint ... Rolleyes.

Ho-hum ... Cool.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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