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This is so messed up.
I texted this this guy I've been having some casual fun yesterday telling "Happy Valentines!" to which he replied "Thank you beautiful same to you". To that I replied "Thanks". So in the afternoon I texted him and this is how the convo went like this:

Me: Hey
Him: What's up?
Me: Are you doing anything today?
Him: I'm going to the gym later. And you?
Me: I'm bored. I asked you just in case you wanted to go out somewhere?

After that, he never replied back. Couldn't he at least said "sorry I can'tz' or just "no"?

He answered you by omission. His answer was "No", and to do it like that meant he didn't want to go over it with you.

Be careful not to mistake casual sex as a relationship, if a relationship/dating was what he wanted he probably wouldn't be doing casual sex.

Sorry to hear.

Yeah, I'd agree, the fact that you said you have been having casual fun with.

Thats very different to going out with someone somewhere.

Well you can always start dating someone after having casual fun, can't you?

Maybe he's at the gymSmile

Don't read too much into him not replying. You could come across as too controlling or needy. Neither of which he's likely to be looking for out of a causal hook up.


His answer was clear..a big "no", for the moment. Points for being kind enough to not actually saying it. Take it as kindness. Besides He did say he was going to the gym no?..

meh, ask him again sometime, he might just say yes

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