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15 minutes of fame
I sincerely hope that dumb videos people make and post when they are young do not follow them around and haunt their future (I know you probably weren't serious, but I'm responding as if you were, just cuz...).

I think one of the worst things about this digital age is the inability to escape the embarrassment of one instance of poor judgement. At the end of the day, no one's hurting anyone by making dumb vids, and I don't like the mean spiritedness with which these kinds of conversations descend to.

There are worse things in the world then a fucking twerking video.

Well it's their lives...

Some folks just want attention...

they might have a lonely life or something so they resort to those things...better than bad vices though hehe (which are more regrettable in the future, no?)

"Paradise was unendurable, otherwise the first man would have adapted to it; this world is no less so, since here we regret paradise or anticipate another one. What to do? Where to go? Do nothing and go nowhere, easy enough." - Emil Cioran

ololol I think people are allowed to make dicks of themselves if they wana.
But if they aren't prepared for honest criticism then OTFO BISH!
I dun like when people can't take a lil bit of truth cos it hurts their pride (Even tho they come to ask for help they caaaaaaan't take it...)

I'd be really surprised if there's anyone who hasn't done stupid crap they'd love to forget, though it gets harder this day and age where anything can wind up online. So I don't want this shit to follow them, not if it's different from how they've changed, and I don't understand the desire to make someone who's changed to be made to suffer for it. Maybe no sympathy, but not hoping for it.


At least I was able to get through that, unlike the sad ones of girls twerking. Actually, what cracks me up about that is how many people think this is real rather than a boy and his (presumably) mom being silly. Rofl

partis Wrote:

Wow, this is impressive. How have I never heard of her before? I really like the arrangement and the lyrics. Has a bit of a Lana Del Rey feel, though I know Macdonald came first.

Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:I think I delved into this a little when one of our members posted his 'twerking' video here.

Twerking - why? Why are you people doing this? What is the point here?

IDK, I hate this computer thing and I love it at the same time... The Internets have provided me with many hours of useful information, then many, many, many more of stupid wasted energy trying to find the useful information amongst the crap.

[COLOR="Blue"]If you twerked, without slipping a disc or two :p, then you'd know. It's bladdey well fun!

Now I'll admit, Paul's twerking Video wasn't top-notch, but you know what, I honestly think he had balls to do that and also was doing what he wanted to do, with his one and only life (so far as we know it), so what's really so wrong with that?

Does everything in life gotta have a meaning? Gotta make you money? Gotta engorge your status or personality? Not for me atleast, I do dumb shit and think nothing of it, cause it's what I wanna do and it's fun.

Also, when you grow up a certain way, then ofcourse the dumb shit you see, is what you are gonna find normal or fun. Look at nearly ANY Caribbean Dancehall or just dancehall in general, and look how they dance...

Crazy right? Well to me, I find that fun, and it's not embarrassing at all. If anything, I'd say people look at people like that and get Embarrassed for them, when in actuality, bitches be shakin dat ass like tomorrow won't come no time soon.

What I want to know is, why are so many people so uptight or judgemental about the way other people live their lives?

Smoke some weed, get some dick or pussy or something, cause you'll only stress yourself out if you worry about what other people do lol

SheepHands-make-heart:hugs-and-kisses-smi Dazzler1 Imu2[/COLOR]

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