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Private part names...
What did/do your parents call private parts?
For me, it was tutu = penis and nunu = vagina... Can't remember term for boobies though...

As a parent, for those who are, what do you call them?

LMAO this is a great post!

My parents referred to my "pee-pee", and my "heiney".


"Peepee", "heiney", "poopershooter"

Mom: peepee, bolitas

Dad: tallywhacker, family jewels, other silly euphemisms

Butt was butt or nalga or hiney.

Well here, there are alot of variations and depends on which gender, the age of the child/person and the gender of who is saying it, but for example as a Child;

My Nana says
Vagina = MooMoo, Mollie Box
Penis = Ding-a-ling, Dog Nuts

But my Mama says;
Vagina = Box
Penis = Lizard

My Uncle would say;
Vagina = Nani
Penis = Lil Boy

But there are soooooo many variations(usually dirtier but still used commonly) such as:

Vagina : Pum Pum, Tun Tun, Punani, Bun, Coochie
Penis : Cocky, Rod, Tool, Bamboo, Bedroom Bully

And the list could go on. And any parent could use any of these words, but usually stick to more "kid friendly" words.

Its mostly due to our shared relations with the Caribbean. But mind you, our own local words arent any better sometimes then any other island x.x

prick and cunt...the same names I have for most people...it's just easy to remember things that way

dfiant Wrote:prick and cunt...the same names I have for most people...it's just easy to remember things that way

That's how your parents referred to genitals when you were a child?

cunt . or the japanese equivalent of that
i can't remember what word he used for penis . that one didn't get used as much

Tissemand, tissekone, numse, bryster
I had a boring childhood Sad

Translation; pee man, pee woman, butt, breasts

The British have some great ones, I'll list some off later, in a rush for work now...

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