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words that make you giggle
falopian tube :eek:

dunno why just tingles my jingle (not in a good way)

hehehe.. That one does make me chuckles a little. Sure as hell made me smile.

infact i was talking to my brother in law bout something and he said falopian tube and it was really funny cus it had nothing to do with it.

anyway it was a blonde moement and was funny... guess u had to be there Cool

LOL dez two make me giggle

the process by which some people seem to absorb success by sucking up to the boss rather than working for it.

an awkward, gawky youngster existing somewhere between a man and a boy.

lmao they is funnynish Tongue

Uranus - everytime someone says it I can't help but giggle, I find it tres funny. Laugh

The perfectly normal anglosaxon surname Bill is quite silly in dutch cuz it means buttock Laugh. Cut is also funny because with spelling kut it's a vulgar word for the female sexual organ. Supergrin

Most funny of all is the english grammar that doesn't have different verb forms for plural and singular or for formal and informal forms of adress. It's sounds like a children's language for anyone who has dutch, german, french or spanish as his first language, for those distictions are of crucial importance for everyone, in every culture I know of. Confusedmile:

hehe. When I was in secondary school there was an insult that went around - "pleb". I was often called a "pleb". Dunno why, but the word really made me laugh.

Here in Glasgow we have some dialect changes from normal English words:

hand = hon

head = heed

arm = erm

foot = fit

house = hoose

football = fit-bo

Always make me chuckle because I use the proper pronounciations and people think I am all posh! Laugh


could come in handy then we I visit Glasgow in August lol

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