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Gay sex role?
right do ya like givin, takin or havin it bof ways? i would say im 50/50 versatile in dat respect. i know dis will sound bad but are top only blokes bit selfish an just too lazy to make sure der ass is ready for action? LOL Laugh

Sadly I am still a virgin. I need to get laid!

I like it either way. I prefer giving... I guess... but really it is pretty much even!

I dont understand what giving and taking means? Giving what? Rolleyes

Are you being serious?

Oh yes, giving the D or giving the A? Logic no.

Giving the D and receiving the D, at least that is my understanding.

Now is clear hehe seriously though i didnt know.

Shall say i am a very giving person who likes to receive too. Supergrin There is isnt an analogy, it depends on the mood.

more bottom but versatile sometimes depending on how much I like the other guy

Definitely mostly top. I'd bottom for the right person I guess...maybe I'm selfish?

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