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What is your sexual role ?
This is a typical question : What is your sexual role ?

I'm curious to know, if there are more bottom or top in the gay people. I think there are more bottom...

Is it very important for you to find your opposite to have a good and long relationship ? .

I'm bottom Dance

My sexual role? Lead.

As in the atomic element. Because of how heavy my junk is

[Image: ronjeremy.jpg]

You left out...[Image: rubber-dog-hood.jpg]

btw...I checked off versatile.

I'm versatile, but every guy I was with was a top. I don't mind bottoming, but I want to top at some point! They always say they will, but the second we try they can't do it.

Slightly more bottom than top. I'm mostly bottom with my bf.

bluedragon Wrote:I'm bottom Dance

Then cast your vote foo.... I know you didn't cast that one vote cause I did just to be mean and upset the apple cart. :tongue:

As for the Question.

That is actually a difficult one to answer.

Whilst I do prefer to be on the bottom, the last two relationships I was in I played the role of top... I'm not actually versatile versatile, I'm just complimentary to the person I am with.

Of course I don't like sex, can't stand it at all. :eek: clearly since I haven't had any since the last century, or if it makes it sound sadder, since the last millennium. Rolleyes

And I'm not too fond of anal, never have been because 'ew' you know what I mean? I accommodate mates in this department because I'm an appeaser. If left to my own devices that just wouldn't happen.

Submissive Bottom

I was strictly bottom for maybe five years and had a great time but before and since I have been strictly top...and I like that as well....

Both are good..but I wouldn't call myself versatile. I have been completely top now for 33 years...

Always been a top.

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