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Adventurous pansexual male
Or is that sheet pans, Virge? They are bigger than cookie sheets and space to roam can be ice. [hums 'I'm a Little Tea Pot Short and Stout'...]

I read pansexual as 'whatever without prejudice' in the sex realm. Yes, there are too many labels,but as long as it is not too restrictive I suppose one more won't hurt.
I bid NO Trump!

MisterLove Wrote:What does 'pansexual' mean?

Virge Wrote:fucking on cookie sheets?

Nonono, it means getting it on with this dude:

[Image: pan-p.jpg]

[Image: 450px-Statue_of_a_Satyr.jpg]

Apparently doing so has a rather, ehhmm, *lengthy* history…

[Image: K22.2Pan.jpg]

But who the hell lives near Round Rock Texas?

[Image: 1.12.09%20%20Round%20ROCK%20resized.JPG]

Pansexual doesn't care about the gender... Per example they wouldn't gives a flying fuck if you were transvestite or transgender. It's very much sexual, not much of emotional/sexual preference.

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